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Skull & Bones: Ubisoft's pirate adventure skips the E3 and slides to 2020

Skull & Bones, the ambitious sandbox adventure at the pirate setting of Ubisoft Singapore, suffers a further delay. To confirm postponement to 2020 of the project and his absence from E3 2019 are the same leaders of the French videogame giant when presenting the latest financial results.

Through the pages of the official Twitter profile of the game, the producer Karl von der Luhe tries to reconstruct the whole business and to offer us some clarifications: "You may have heard that Skull's launch date has been moved and that we will not be at E3. Be assured that we are working hard as always to ensure that the game improves more and more, quality remains our main goal ".

As for the corridor rumors about possible cancellation of the Skull & Bones project, von der Luhe is keen to point out that "Ubisoft remains totally committed to this title and wishes to offer you this game to lead you on this exciting journey so we are confident that Skull & Bones will be great. Our community remains extremely important to us and we are grateful for the support and passion you show for us. We'll be back soon with exciting new updates ".

Announced during E3 2017, the pirate adventure of Skull & Bones for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One promises to take us into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean for boarding the pirate ships of La Buse, Henry Every and Black Bart with the aim of raiding merchant ships operating in the East India Company's route in the first half of the 1700s. Curiously, a television series will also be dedicated to the title. [19659005]

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