Sony London Studio: The Authors of The Getaway working on a new AAA Game?


Sony London Studio the Company's First Party development team, is known for having worked on the Getaway IP in the past, but what are they doing now?

A job announcement on the note Linkedin platform could give us some clues. It seems that the Software House is looking for a new Game Designer that can collaborate in the development of a new AAA Game . Unfortunately, not many details are provided on this, but among the requirements for the "ideal candidate" we find:

  • Experience with Unreal Engine
  • Passion for cinema and photography

Difficult with only these hypothesizing elements of what could be, but the reference to an AAA Game could suggest a production characterized by a significant budget . Previously, the Sony London Studio team made itself known to the public for the development of Titles related to the IP The Getaway. In particular, we can mention The Getaway, debuted on Playstation 2 during 2002, and The Geatway: Black Monday, also debuting on Playstation 2 two years later. The development of a third chapter of the Series was scheduled for Playstation 3, but was subsequently subject to cancellation. The Team is also currently working on Blood & Truth, a Playstation VR game.