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Sony should be more open to cross-play with PS5, according to Void Studios

Last September, after countless requests from the gambling community, Sony finally made it possible to implement cross-play with other consoles – Xbox One and Nintendo Switch – on its PlayStation 4 .

To date, however, the games to exploit this opportunity are only two, namely Fortnite and Rocket League . Apparently, Sony is still rather reluctant to open the doors of its network infrastructure. The Japanese company has in fact rejected the requests of Chucklefish for Wargroove, Hi-Rez Studios for SMITE and even Bethesda for Fallout 76.

This attitude of Sony will also last with the release of PlayStation 5 and the beginning of the next generation of consoles? The editors of GamingBolt asked for the opinion of Void Studios team responsible for the recent Eternity: The Last Unicorn . The CEO Luiz Aguena said: "We have not seen anything official or received material on which to carry out tests, so for the moment we can only make speculations about what the next Generation will offer to developers and players. Speaking as a player, I would love to play with my friends regardless of the chosen platform ".

Aguena then added that according to him the games that offer cross-play on PlayStation 4 are few for a precise choice of Sony and that something should be done about it. "It is their choice and, unless it is a temporary thing, they must do something to satisfy the demands of the players. In any case, I believe that cross-play is a great idea for everyone" . What do you think about it? Do you think Sony should be more open to cross-play for PlayStation 5 and the next generation of consoles?

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