Sony will monitor PS Now Italia in the coming months to understand how to improve the service


PlayStation Now is finally available in Italy. Thanks to the on-demand gaming service of Sony even in the beautiful country it is now possible to play in streaming and download (in some cases) the titles included in its catalog.

Past enthusiasm for the arrival of the service, however, it will be important to check how efficient PlayStation Now will be in Italy. A speech that applies both to users, called to invest 14.99 euros per month or 99.99 euros per year, but above all for Sony which will have to monitor the situation to understand in which aspects it will have to make improvements and changes to the infrastructure. These aspects were discussed by Marco Saletta general manager of the Italian division of Sony Interactive Entertainment, during an interview granted to Twinfinite:

"Currently, we have not set targets. We have launched PlayStation Now with the attitude of wanting to study studying the trend and understand the type of feedback from the Italian community, both as regards the product catalog and the subscription model.

Over the next 6- 12 months we will observe how it will go, and we will begin to draw our conclusions and try to understand how to improve the service for consumers ".

PlayStation Now has arrived in Italy not without its very first problems: many players have, for example, reported extremely long waiting times to play in streaming. On our pages you will find guides to download and use the service on PlayStation 4 and PC, you can also consult the list of titles PS4 and PS2.

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