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Spider-Man: a funny glitch replaces Mary Jane with Spider-Man!

Although many months have passed since the launch of Marvel's Spider-Man many players are still having a good time on the streets of digital New York shaped by Insomniac Games. One of these, recently came across a decidedly funny glitch that is rapidly making its way around the net.

For some strange reason, during the first section where it is possible to take control of Mary-Jane, the polygonal model of girl has been replaced by that of the climber . The scene is exhilarating for several reasons: first of all, Spider-Man is much taller, so it doesn't fit into the frame. Moreover, preserves the voice and animations of Mary Jane moving as if she were a girl! Judge for yourself by watching the video available on Reddit.

What do you think? Hilarious, right? Recall that Marvel's Spider-Man is available exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Recently, we have collected all the secrets and Easter eggs of the game on video. Furthermore, during the Game Developers Conference, the boys of Insomniac Games intervened to tell the background of the Spider-Man development.

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