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Square Enix intends to invest "aggressively on new IPs"

On the occasion of the presentation of the financial results achieved in the fiscal year 2018, Square Enix has outlined some of its future development objectives.

In particular, the software house has included among the medium-term objectives include the expansion of its gaming offer, through " regular publication of new AAA titles " . Square Enix also aims to increase user involvement through the creation of " different contents of main existing IPs" . A particularly interesting element, moreover, the software house aims to launch new franchises on the market. In fact, the team states: " We will aggressively invest in new IPs on an ongoing basis to enrich our portfolio and allow sustained growth ".

On the franchise front already known and widely loved by the public, Kingdom Hearts 3 has certainly represented a long awaited publication of the last fiscal year. Currently, fans of the series are also waiting for more information on the announced DLC Re Mind by KH3. However, Square Enix's 2018 also saw the debut of new IPs, among which we can mention Octopath Traveler debut on Nintendo Switch and now also expected on PC. Looking ahead, let's remember that a new teaser trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released recently. What projects would you like to see Square Enix involved in the near future?

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