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SSB European Team Cup 2019: in Milan the Cacciatori grab the prize

The best teams of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from all over Italy competed on Saturday, in the first qualifier relating to European Smash Ball Team Cup . Up for grabs, in addition to the Italian title, there was much more. In Milan, in fact, the players of the boot have had the opportunity to play for the participation in the European final live, which will be held on 4 and 5 May in the beautiful setting of Beurs Van Berlage, a splendid palace of the Guilds of Amsterdam, already the scene of Hearthstone's 2018 world .

The regulation that supported the regional qualifiers is very simple: the teams are made up of three members who challenge each other to the best of the 3 and 5 stock without items. With one exception: Smash Ball . The challenges between the teams resulted in normal 2v2 matches, total Melee (meaning each character used could not be used in subsequent games) and Smash 3v3. All supported by a double double-elimination bracket. This means that a team, to be thrown out of the competition, had to be defeated twice: one in the winner bracket and one in loser bracket .
And many, unfortunately for them, have passed.

The Top 8 and the loser bracket

The tournament, animated by the commentary of the casters Pingu16 and Galeon saw a variegated Top 8 but with very clear results. The matches, in fact, ended for 3 to 0. Except for one, the most hard-fought: FreeWilly against Samba Smasher . From an initial advantage of FreeWilly, the match passed into the hands of Samba Smash who quickly took the lead, only to be replaced by their opponents, for a really balanced match.

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The final round, therefore, was decisive for the fate of the two teams. The players all came on the pitch for the 1vs1 which, in the end, rewarded Samba Smasher . With an incredible action at the last clash, Snake manages to attack the C4 against Palutena throwing it out of the ring.
In the loser bracket, therefore, the Pillar Men the AAAAAAA and Alex where are you? . race for the title

The two paths – winner and loser bracket – have continued in parallel: in the semifinals of the winner bracket the Samba Smasher, La Citua, The Alliance and the Hunters of Awards were tackled.
Losing, the Alliance (relegated by The Hunters of Awards) and the Samba Smasher ended up in loser bracket and to return to the upper branch if they had to see, respectively, against FreeWilly and AAAAAAA .
At the first final winner, instead, came La Citua and CDP (let us shorten it, dear Hunters of Awards). In the end, the latter managed to win by 3 to 1 on La Citua, mortgaging their place at the Grand Final. Final of the tournament which, of course, only awaited the winner of the loser bracket.
The " loser finalists " were the Samba Smasher and the La Citua who, thus, had their chance to go back into the plans that matter. Too bad, for the latter, that the Samba Smasher were more hungry: 3 to 2 for them and assured place in the Grand Final.

Probably arrived too tried to the most important appointment of the day, the Samba Smasher failed to perform to the best of their abilities.

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The dominance of Cacciatori di Premi has never really been questioned, and has also been repeated against Samba Smasher which they had to surrender under the pounding rhythm of their opponents. Bravissimo i Cacciatori who will be able to go hunting for bigger game in a few weeks. GG, however, also to all the competing teams, able to animate a splendid party dedicated to Nintendo's brawler. Hopefully, the first in a long series. Appointment for the next 4 May for the European championships that will determine the formation that will go on to play the world championship at the E3 losangelino in June.

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