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Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order could have open-world mechanics

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order has quickly become one of the most anticipated titles of this generation. Due to the favorable period for the famous saga, also given the arrival of the trailer for Episode IX "/ a>, great expectations were immediately created around the title of Respawn.

For the moment, however, we only know some details of the game, while a lot of other information has remained, at least for the moment, not revealed. However, according to some rumors, it seems that the game can present open-world mechanics.

The protagonist of the game is in fact a young padawan who survived the ' Order 66 whose intention is to bring the Jedi Order back to life, but being a survivor, he will have to complete his training in secret, with the help of a former Jedi Knight, a pilot and his droid. One of the official descriptions of the game reads:

"The Galaxy awaits you: ancient forests, windswept rocks and haunted jungles, are all unique places that you will have to explore in Jedi Fallen Ord er, with the freedom to decide where and when to move later. Unlocking new powers and abilities, new opportunities open up for you to return to exploring places already fought in new ways. Increasing your strength with the Force will improve the way you explore. You will have to move quickly though: the Empire is behind your every move to try to eliminate all traces of the Jedi Order ".

There will therefore be different worlds to explore in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and different ways to do it , both through Forza and through new visits as you go on.

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What do you think of what we've seen so far? For more information, take a look at our preview of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

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