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Starting kick for the R6 Spain Nationals – Free Games Apk

 The R6 team of Vodafone Giants for the R6 Spain Nationals.

And finally the day arrived. After several weeks of waiting since the announcement of the premiere of the Rainbow 6 Spain Nationals, this Tuesday, April 23, it is time for the tournament to begin. This was made official by the account of Rainbow Six Siege Spain announcing the matches of the first day, which will be played during the afternoons of Tuesday and Wednesday and that will generate a great expectation of all the fans of the title. 20,000 euros to be distributed in prizes are the main incentive for players.

The league will be formed by several of the best teams in the competitive scene of Rainbow Six -and known to have representation in numerous esports of the moment-. These will measure each other in 18 days, two against each team, in a competition system yet to be determined: Vodafone Giants, Movistar Riders, x6tence, Team Cheese, Team Dragons, Team Wizards, Arctic Gaming, Cream Esports, Efficiency Team and Ramboot Club .

While we know the participants, the rules of the games have not yet been made public ; nor number of rounds, nor maps, nor system of baneos previous to the dispute of each day. It is known that the top eight will go on to the next phase, divided into two groups of four, from which the semifinalists will emerge.

However, one of the options would be, according to some interpretations, a format similar to that of Pro League of R6 . That is, to dispute a single map per day in which the winner will win a total of seven rounds. It is also unknown if there will be ties or the only way to get points will be with victories. Doubts that, surely, will be resolved in the streaming this afternoon that will open the R6 Spain Nationals .

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David against Goliath

The pairings of the first date have wanted to leave us a peculiar duel that, although a priori has a clear favorite, can give the surprise. Vodafone Giants finalist of the last edition of the ESL Masters together with Movistar Riders -competition to which, in a way, it substitutes the R6 Spain Nationals -, debutante Cream Esports will be measured, the only team with one woman in its squad, although it will start as a substitute at the start of the championship.

The two teams will begin their adventure with great enthusiasm. The match will start on Tuesday at 19: 15h just after Ramboot vs. Efficency which will open the day. On Wednesday they will play on Arctic Gaming vs. Team Dragons (18: 00h), Team Wizards vs x6tence (19: 15h) and Movistar Riders vs. Team Cheese (20: 30h). All matches can be followed from the Twitch channel of Rainbow 6 Spain.

Starting signal for the R6 Spain Nationals

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