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Steam data stolen from users dell

According to the findings on Reddit, the Epic Games Store client would "secretly" collect users' Steam data and pass it on to the US company. The seriousness of the accusations made by the community prompted the president of Epic, Tim Sweeney, to have his say on the columns of GamesIndustry.

The founder of the American videogame giant said he was sorry for the story and explained that the whole question is linked to the erroneous use of a file used by the company to pay the streamer members of the Support-A-Creator initiative.

"We should only access the localconfig.vdf file only after the user has chosen to import his friends list from Steam "explained Sweeney adding that this configuration is due to a " residual left for our hurry to implement social features during the early days of Fortnite ". [19659003] "Actually it is my fault if I pressured the Epic Games Store launcher team to support it in a super fast way and without identifying the problems that had to be solved and the files we needed to c ambiare "then declared the boss of Epic Games before concluding that " since this problem came to the fore, we are committed to fix it ".

In addition to this necessary change to "data-capture" file in the course of 2019 the leaders of the North Carolina company have already announced their intention to constantly update the Epic Games Store to introduce new features.

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