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Steam: the start date of the Summer Sale is revealed in advance

As per tradition, here is where the dates on which Valve intends to launch the new discounts on Steam are promptly revealed in advance by a leak. As confirmed by a Steam Database tweet, the summer sales of the digital marketplace will start on June 25 starting from 7:00 pm Italian time and will last for two weeks.

Given the turn now taken by some years, Valve is not expected to change anything about the distribution pattern of balances, which have long since been launched in the form of flash offers, but are simply made available for the duration of seasonal promotions. Net of an undeniable greater comfort, it must be said that the offers have gradually become less generous with regard to users, who in the past could have grasped within a limited time real missed opportunities.

that Gabe Newell's company is thinking of some new type of initiative to be promoted to coincide with the arrival of the Sale, just as happened at the launch of the Lunar New Year offers. Valve, increasingly pressed by the aggressive policy of Epic Games, which is grabbing an ever-increasing number of exclusive thunderstorms, is in fact called to counterattack to maintain its leadership in the PC gaming market.

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