Syphon Filter for PlayStation is the protagonist of the third episode of My Generation


After the last episode dedicated to Metroid Prime, My Generation goes back a few years and changes the platform to talk about the unforgettable Syphon Filter which in 1999 conquered lovers of action stealth games

This is a perfect video game transposition of a spy movie, which puts the player in the ranks of a phantom agency called to defend the world. Nowadays, such a setting would be considered a mere cliché, since it was overused, but at the time similar themes were seen with curiosity from the public and the press

Thanks also to the charisma of the protagonist Gabriel "Gabe" Logan, which quickly hit the hearts of gamers, Syphon Filter managed to sell over a million copies on the first historical PlayStation, and to generate a series that also continued on PSP and PlayStation 2. The title was developed by 989 Studios team now known as Bend Studios currently working on Days Gone for PlayStation 4.

Find these and many other trivia about Syphon Filter in the third installment of MyGeneration attached on top of this news. If you do not have enough, then we suggest you also read the special on Syphon Filter by Gabriele Carollo .