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Team Sonic Racing hurtles through our Video Review

The SEGA mascot returns to race on the track with Team Sonic Racing a title that intends to collect the legacy of arcade racers such as those inspired by Crash and Super Mario. If the idea is certainly not innovative, the result is however surprising .

Despite some perplexity, the game brings its goal, that is to offer to a very young audience several hours of fun adrenalinic and carefree.

In spite of the unavoidable skepticism that accompanies the announcement of similar projects, the profuse passion of boys of Sumo Digital to honor the intellectual property of Sonic the Hedgehog has allowed the title to maintain itself on rather high quality levels .

Thanks to the presence of an online multiplayer mode capable of entertaining 12 players simultaneously, but also to the vehicle editor, to always appreciated Adventure mode and the possibility of enjoying all these contents also through a local cooperative mode with shared screen, the lovers of this kind of arcade racing experience will be able to find many ideas to have fun diving into the colorful dimension of Team Sonic Racing.

For those who want to deepen their knowledge of this project and its kaleidoscopic game offer, the good Gabriele Laurino is waiting for you on these pages with our review of Team Sonic Racing. Meanwhile, we remind those who follow us that the new Sumo Digital and SEGA engine effort will arrive on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on next May 21 .

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