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TellTale's failure: the co-founder says he is horrified by this

TellTale Games co-founder Kevin Bruner allowed himself to the Game Informer microphones to reflect on the tumultuous events that led to the failure of the company made famous for its graphic adventures set in the size, among others, of The Walking Dead, Borderlands and Game of Thrones.

"The way in which the closure of TellTale took place was horrible for me" began Bruner thinking back to those moments and adding that "people showed up at work on Friday and were told to go home because the company no longer existed and it is something that I did not support and that I never wanted to see happen, it is something that I would not have been absolutely never able to do ".

As for the causes that led to this failure and at timing chosen by TellTale's top management to communicate this news to its employees, the co-founded re and former CEO of the software house then explained that "I don't understand exactly what happened in those last moments and not because they behaved that way. But it kills me to see all this, it really kills me, TellTale has been such a big part of my life and what I am ".

In this regard, it is good to point out that Bruner could not attend personally at the closure of TellTale Games as he left the company in 2017 after being disheartened by the other members of the board of directors.Also another former software house employee, Kevin Mudle, recently wanted to remember the tumultuous events related to the failure of the company stating that the developers following him wanted to develop a new type of games, thus breaking away from the playful language of graphic adventures.

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