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Ubisoft announces that the Operation Burnt Horizon the first season of the Year 4 of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Operation Burnt Horizon introduces 2 new Operators, Mozzie and Gridlock and a new map, Outback, set in a remote service station along a remote Australian highway.

Pass holders of the Year 4 can use the new Operators to starting today. The other players will be able to unlock these players from March 13, by spending Fame Points or Rainbow Credits. The brand new Outback map and all the improvements introduced with the Year 4 are now available for free to all players.

Operation Burnt Horizon

  • Mozzie an Australian defender who can hack enemy drones and control them thanks to his lance-parasites. Having Mozzie in the team guarantees a significant advantage to the defenders. The attackers will do better to keep an eye on their drones if they do not want to lose precious intel / information.
  • Gridlock is an Australian attacker who can deploy stings that can slow down and hurt the defenders who trample them. This feature, unique to an attacker, allows Gridlock to use Trax stings as an obstacle to remodel the map and take control of an area.

In addition, players can discover the lost Australian highways in the new Outback map, a tribute to the solitary service stations scattered in the heart of the continent. Outback is a map of medium size, full of hiding places and distinctive elements of the Australian ecosystem, with many hidden corners and souvenirs of the great island of the south. The Operation Burnt Horizon includes a series of themes typical of Australia and a new elite set for Hibana.

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Playlist Recruit & Updates for Playlists
A new playlist (Recruit) will also be available for players below 50, so as to help them learn the basics of Rainbow Six Siege. It will allow you to play the Bomb mode in the most representative maps of the game: Chalet, Bank and Consulate. The attackers will vote for a point of rebirth while, for the defenders, the position of the bombs will be chosen automatically by the game. The Free playlist will be updated and now the Recruit and Classified step will improve. Finally, to balance the Classified gaming experience, the minimum access level has been increased to 30.

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