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The Art of Cuphead: Dark Horse announces l

The Summits of Dark Horse Comics Inc. announce The Art of Cuphead the official Artbook of the platform masterpiece made by Studio MDHR the Canadian development company founded and directed by Chad and Jared Moldenhauer.

in Cuphead, the distribution of which should take place during the month of October (but, unless further announcements, only in the United States and Canada), will plunge us into the vintage atmosphere of this iconic video game inspired by animated short films of the 30s of last century.

The Art of Cuphead will allow us to admire in detail all the concepts, the hand-drawn preparatory sketches and digital renderings that have contributed to shaping the colorful microcosm of the sliding adventure with protagonists Cuphead and Mugman.

The illustrations that will embellish the artbook will range from the prototypes of the characters to the studies on the settings of the Inkwell Islands, going beyond for the no less tiring path undertaken by the authors following the Moldenhauer brothers to create the spectacular scenes of the battles with the bosses.

Hoping that The Art of Cuphead will be re-proposed by us by the end of 2019, and waiting to share with you some of the illustrations that will embellish the volume, we remind those who follow us that Cuphead was recently at the center of a new round of rumors regarding its eventual landing on Nintendo Switch in conjunction with the launch, also suggested the latest rumors bounced on the net, the service of Xbox Game Pass on the hybrid console of the Kyoto house.

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