The authors of Hyper Light Drifter announce Solar Ash Kingdom, only Epic Store will be released


The fact that the guys at Heart Machine were working on a new project after the success of Hyper Light Drifter had long been known. To the delight of his fans, the talented development studio has finally unveiled the extent of his next title.

As you can see from the reveal trailer that we reported at the top of the news, it will be Solar Ash Kingdom to still have to carry the name of Heart Machine high. Being a short teaser, it is difficult to focus immediately on the type of gameplay the game will offer. What we do know is that it is made entirely in 3D through the Unity engine, which will present a third-person camera and that, although it is not a direct sequel, the game will be set in the same universe as Hyper Light Drifter as the aesthetics and color palette of the trailer suggests.

Solar Ash Kingdom will be published by the publisher Annapurna Interactive on PC, and will arrive exclusively on Epic Games Store the Fortnite authors' marketplace increasingly at the center of heated controversy over competition, considered by many unfair, against Steam and other digital platforms dedicated to the sale and use of PC games. Heart Machine subsequently published a post on Twitter to confirm that the console versions are part of the future plans of the studio, which is why even PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch owners can hope. What do you expect from the authors of Hyper Light Drifter?

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