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The best PSVR games on offer on PlayStation Store

The Spring Discounts on the Playstation Store continue until May 2: the offers involve not only the best PS4 games but also many titles for PlayStation VR. As per tradition we have selected five to offer you this weekend in mid-April, from DOOM VFR to Astro Bot here are our proposals and advice for purchases. We remind you that the comment space below is at your disposal for any suggestions and requests for advice.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission for 29.99 euros

In spite of a not too high discount, Astro Bot Rescue Mission remains one of the PSVR titles most interesting of all, winner of numerous prizes and awards as the best game in Virtual Reality of 2018.

A 3D platformer with the tender Astro robot, engaged in a mission that will lead him to explore dozens of levels with lots of collectibles to discover and bosses to be eliminated, as is the tradition of the genre, all combined with a neat and lively technical sector. And if you're not convinced, there's always the free demo

DOOM VFR at 19.99 euros

Twenty euros are enough to take home DOOM VFR, a Virtual Reality edition of the web shooter ID Software / Bethesda released in 2016 and preparing to receive a sequel, the highly anticipated Eternal DOOM, coming in 2019.

Do not expect a quiet game as is tradition for the series, VFR is a violent, frenetic and decidedly bad shooter: even though it is not very rich in content, the game is one of the most interesting shooters for the Sony viewer, certainly worth considering if you love the genre …

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DriveClub VR a 9.99 euro

The fate of DriveClub is unfortunately marked, with Sony announcing the closure of the DriveClub, DriveClub VR and DriveClub Bikes servers for the first of April 2020.

In any case it will be possible to continue playing offline in singles player and in q In this sense the purchase of DriveClub VR is not to be discarded a priori, with all the limitations due to being an unripe product, practically released when the viewer is launched and not too rich in content. However, this is an interesting product for testing the potential of Virtual Reality related to the racing environment, if you are interested you have time until September 1st to buy DriveClub VR, after this date the title will be removed from PlayStation Store .

Déraciné at 14.99 euros

Déraciné represents the debut of FromSoftware (Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro) in the world of Virtual Reality. Available exclusively on PlayStation VR the game will put you in the shoes of a spirit that will have to prove its existence to children residing in a college, revealing at the same time the mysteries that are hidden in the structure and behind the story of some very young children.

The game is now on offer for 14.99 euros with an additional 5% discount for subscribers to the PlayStation Plus service. To learn more, refer to the Déraciné review for PSVR.

Theseus for 4.99 euros

Developed by Italian firm Forge Reply (the same as Joe Dever's Lone Wolf) Theseus is not a very recent title (it was released in summer 2017) but is now offered at a small price: a mix of exploration and fighting with a strong cinematic narrative component for a game that reinterprets the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.

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For action game lovers, certainly a recommended title, especially at this price …

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