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"The Call of the Hunter" begins in Sea of ​​Thieves in April: Trailer and details!

Sea of ​​Thieves is preparing to welcome a substantial update, which will introduce Rare to new content in the pirate-themed multiplayer game

After the presentation of the new Arena mode, which we talked about in the our dedicated video-preview, the Software House presents "La Chiamata del Cacciatore" the new Company of Commerce that will start its in-game activities starting next April 30th. The new content is introduced by a special Trailer which you can view directly at the beginning of this news.

The Company finds its founder in the bard pirate Merrick and gathers within it experienced buccaneers hunting fishing and cooking or aspiring ones. Players will therefore be able to dedicate themselves to these three activities, in search of the most precious and interesting rewards. Capturing the rarest fish will require attention and patience and some of these may only appear under certain circumstances. Dedicating yourself to cooking fruit and meat will allow you to have more effective care tools available. Space also for hunting and gathering: common animals such as hens or pigs will be available among the targets, but the most fearless pirates may decide to devote themselves to far more dangerous prey, such as snakes or sharks!

For more information about the upcoming content coming within the Title of Rare we point out that on the pages of Everyeye you can find an exclusive coverage dedicated to the news of the first anniversary of Sea of ​​Thieves, in which our Alessandro Bruni presents all the most important details: Good Reading!

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