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The challenges of Season 8 of Fortnite can be completed with friends

If you have difficulty completing the challenges of Fortnite or simply prefer to play in company, there is a new option of Season 8 of the famous Battle Royale that you will probably enjoy In fact, the challenges can now be completed together with friends.

This is one of the novelties of the new season, which includes a Battle Pass which adds several challenges to be completed and offers over 100 rewards , including the new skins, and that now you are no longer forced to face alone.

To take advantage of these benefits simply activate the Party Assist before entering a game: once you enter , each member of their group can contribute to the overall progress of the challenge in question

There are however some limitations: the option does not work for the players added to the group only to fill the sp companies empty during matchmaking, nor in larger multiplayer modes. For more details on uses, constraints and rules in general, just take a look at the Patch Notes released by Epic Games. What do you think? Can you take advantage of it?

You can take a look at all the new features introduced by Fortnite Season 8, including challenges related to the volcano and the pirates, on our site. There is also talk of a collaboration with the rock band Weezer.

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