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The disturbing clown skins and much more in the Fortnite shop on March 26th

Virtually everyone has a love-hate relationship with clowns, given their hilarious but also extremely disturbing nature of clowns. From now on Fortnite players will have one more reason to love them (or hate them), given the new arrivals in the in-game shop.

Epic Games has updated as usual the online store of the very popular Battle Royale, adding the epic skins Nite Nite and Peekaboo which will transform us into clowns. Are you ready to munch people in clownish clothes?

But these are not the only two additions of the shop, which now also features a themed pick, the glider (beautiful) in the shape of a paper plane, the T-Square pickaxe and the nerd costume? Employed? In short, call it what you want, the official name is Maven .

The Llama Bell and Breezy dances, the epic Reef Ranger sub skin and the rare submarine skin come back on sale in Daily Sales Trooper, the glider Gum Drop and the Icicle pick.

As usual, we remind you that all the objects in the in-game shop offer purely aesthetic changes and do not give any competitive advantage . The shop in Italy will be updated at noon.

All the additions to the shop can be viewed in more detail in the tweet published by Fortnite's official account and at the link to the source. What do you think?

Finally, we remind you that tomorrow Fortnite will be offline, due to the implementation of the new patch. In this regard, all the information on Fortnite update 8.20 can be found on our website.

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