The Division 2: Download Open Beta, link to download the client on PC, PS4 and Xbox One


The PS4 starts today

  • Download the Beta on PC
  • Download the Beta on Xbox One
  • " The destiny of the free world is at stake in The Division 2. During the Beta you can take a first look at what awaits you in The Division 2. Discover the eastern part of the open world, complete 3 main missions, explore a Black Zone and help civilians rebuild settlements to hope for the future.When the Invasion mission is available in the Beta, test your skills by looking for complete it and try out the new agents specializations: Survival expert, Hawkeye and Demolition Expert. Raise level 8 and loot unpublished weapons and equipment to deal with the toughest challenges, improve your base of operations and unlock new skills. "

    The servers of the Open Beta of The Division 2 will open this morning at 11:00 and will close at the same time of Monday 4 March. The file weighs 50 GB net of any updates that could arrive during the weekend, we also remember that the Beta could be interrupted without warning even for long periods due to unforeseen maintenance interventions.