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The Division 2 Guide: how to level up quickly

By completing the various activities of The Division 2 you will gain experience points, leveling up your character. In this mini-guide we explain how to do it as quickly as possible, so that you can quickly reach level 30 .

Below we list the various activities that allow you to gain experience points in The Division 2 .

Eliminate the enemies

As you can imagine, in The Division 2 you will have to face a large number of enemies, freeing the streets of Washington DC to the sound of bullets. For each eliminated opponent you will gain experience points, in a quantity that will vary based on the level of the enemy shot down: the higher the latter, the more experience points are earned.

Complete the missions

Completing missions is the most intuitive and direct way to gain experience points. You will get a good number of them at the end of the job, not to mention that in the meantime you will accumulate a fair amount eliminating the opponents. In addition to the main missions of history, on the map you will find a series of secondary assignments that we recommend you to complete. Doing this you will advance more quickly, obtaining among other things different rewards for your equipment.

Collecting collectibles

As seen in the first chapter, the map of The Division 2 is also rich in objects collectibles to be collected. During the exploratory phases always keep your eyes open, so as not to miss any of these objects: by recovering them you will gain some experience points. In this regard, on our pages we have already explained to you where to find artifacts, relics and paintings.

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Events and multipliers

Another excellent advice is to develop perk which increase the gain of experience points . Acquire them as soon as possible to get the maximum benefit, so as to receive additional experience points for headshots, multiple killings and more. If you are still struggling to level up quickly, you can always wander the streets of Washington D.C. looking for new events. They can appear anywhere: take part in them to gain more useful experience points.

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