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The Division 2: Guide to the best skills to be developed immediately

After having explained to you how to level up quickly in The Division 2, in these mini-guides we talk about the best skills to develop in the second chapter of the shared world shooter of Ubisoft .

The best The Division 2 ability to develop early

At the beginning of The Division 2 you will be given skill points to spend. If you want to spend it in the best way, we advise you to invest it in the following skills:

  • Mina in search : the cluster bomb will prove to be a very powerful explosive in the early stages of the adventure. Not only will he search for enemies, but he will also be able to blow more than one opponent at a time. It will also highlight the enemies, making them more visible. In the interior it will be even more lethal, given that it can explode barrels and gas cylinders, causing chain explosions.
  • Torretta (sniper): the sniper turret will be a valuable ally during the most challenging battles. To use it you will have to install it and use it manually. Perfect against bosses and to eliminate enemies individually.
  • Scudo : the shield is fantastic to have as a defensive option. You will often find yourself overwhelmed by enemies, and deploying the shield can give you precious seconds to breathe, heal and reposition yourself.

Developing the abilities listed above immediately, therefore, you will be better equipped to face the most challenging challenges of the game. In this regard, on our pages we also explained how to unlock and access the Black Zone in The Division 2.

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