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The Division 2: how to unlock and access the Black Zone

As seen in the first chapter of the series, the Black Zone also plays a key role in The Division 2 endgame. In this mini-guide we explain how to unlock it and how to access it inside.

How to unlock the Zone Nera in The Division 2

La Zona Nera is one of the most exciting areas of The Division 2 a battlefield that allows you to face other players and get great rewards . However, the Black Zone will not be accessible from the beginning.

To unlock the Black Zone first of all you will have to complete the story missions to the point where you will bring Senait Ezera to White House . After doing so, go and talk to this character to receive the mission that will lead you to the Black Zone.

The task is to fight a series of enemy waves, scan the areas and label the consumables. During the mission you will be given a series of objectives that will guide you through the mechanisms of the Black Zone, including the way in which the extractions work.

Once the mission is completed, you can finally access the Zone Nera as often as you like. This area contains some of the highest level loot in the game, but you'll have to work hard to get them. In this sense, team play will be an element of fundamental importance.

If you want to prepare yourselves well to face all the challenges of the game, on our pages we have explained to you how to level up quickly in The Division 2.

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