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The Division 2 is a success on PC, sales on consoles below expectations

Having published his more than positive financial report linked to the last quarter of fiscal year 2018-2019, Ubisoft has released some interesting information about the sales performance of its most recent looter-shooter, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 .

According to what we learn, the new game developed by Ubisoft Massive has altogether satisfied the sales expectations of the transalpine company, which declares to be proud to have given the players a valid and multifaceted experience that can today to be the benchmark for the looter-shooter genre .

However, it is specified that the performances on consoles of the title have not fully complied with the company forecasts . According to Ubisoft's point of view, this is due to the fact that the developers have created a more competitive gaming environment than the average user could have expected.

As for the sales on PC on the other hand, The Division 2 did not disappoint expectations at all, managing to substantially equal the already great success of its predecessor on the platform. The company also states that the sales made directly on Uplay were ten times as much as those of the first chapter. A scenario that could be widely predicted considering that, unlike the founder of the franchise, The Division 2 was not published on Steam (but instead came to the Epic Games Store, with which Ubisoft is getting along very well in recent times). [19659003] Being a Game as a Service Ubisoft is convinced that the game will continue to evolve effectively and will be able to reach even more satisfying sales numbers on all platforms. In this regard, we remind you that the new shooter update is expected soon with which 8-player raids will be introduced.

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