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The Division 2: l

The latest livestream before the launch of The Division 2 is dedicated to the depth and longevity of the endgame experience that the authors of Massive Entertainment promise to offer us since the release of their ambitious open-air shooter.

According to the leaders of the Swedish subsidiary of Ubisoft, the new act of the iconic TPS saga intertwined with the thrilling works of the late Tom Clancy will not be perceived as "incomplete" by those who buy it at launch because much of the development time spent by Massive was spent to erect the endgame gaming scaffolding.

According to the information provided by the European authors, the activities that will keep us busy once the credits have been reached of the main campaign will last more than history whose missions should be completed in about 40 hours . The changes that will take place in the factions' mechanics and in the ingame events we will witness by exploring the various areas of Washington D.C. they will be many and will include, for example, the introduction of a completely new enemy represented by the faction of the Black Tusks .

According to the guys of Massive Entertainment, moreover, every challenge of the endgame will not be an end in itself, but it will be part of a real "ludic path" that enthusiasts will have to do to acquire increasingly rare items of equipment, access advanced methods and deepen their knowledge of narrative dynamics. The stratification of activities and the laborious optimization work done by the developers to improve the grinding and the loot of the previous chapter should do the rest, and this without forgetting the additions promised by Ubisoft Massive with the free expansions that will be published between now and the end of the year.

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At this point we just have to remind you that Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is scheduled to be released for the ever closer March 15 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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