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The Division 2: problems on the PlayStation 4, reported l

The Division 2 is available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC, however some players are reporting the presence of a annoying error (code CE-34878-0) that prevents them from playing and in some cases to start the application on PS4.

The error CE-34878-0 is a generic error exclusively related to the Sony platform . A possible solution is provided by the Ubisoft support site: " If you receive a CE-34878-0 error during a game, you have to restart the game. If the CE-34878-0 error message continues, it is likely that the causes may depend on further problems present in the console. "

A solution could be to start PlayStation 4 in safe mode and attempt to rebuild the database, but this attempt may not be convincing. The error CE-34878-0 has also affected Apex Legends and in the past games like Destiny 2, but in all these years it has never been found a real cause for this error code on PS4.

Someone of you found this bug with The Division 2 on PlayStation 4? In this case, how did you manage to solve? We are waiting for your testimonials in the space below dedicated to comments.

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