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The Division 2: the 2.1 patch will solve the World Tiers endgame problems

Through the official Ubisoft forum, the authors of Massive Entertainment say they are aware of the problems encountered in The Division 2 endgame and promise to solve the most serious problems with the 2.1 patch which will be published in the coming days. [19659002] The interventions promised by the Swedish subsidiary of Ubi are so many and range from the resolution of the bugs in the drop of ammunition to the modification of management of the Loot in the so-called endgame phase linked to the transition to World Tier most advanced that is the "evolutions of the map" through which it is possible to unblock more challenging challenges.

Among the corrections that will be made by the guys of Massive Entertainment we will also find the closure of the flaws found by those who , once it reaches World Tier 5, it fails to update the workbenches for the creation of weapons, equipment elements and av level grafts elderly

Also thanks to patch 2.1 it will be possible to overcome the annoying problem of the random blocks of the resuscitation system and the equally unpleasant bug in which many Division Agents were able to get the whole set of True Patriot armor . We do not know, however, whether the new update will solve the critical issues that prompted Swedish authors to temporarily deactivate daily and weekly projects. While waiting to find out the date and time of arrival of this update on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we leave you to our review of The Division 2 signed by Alessandro Bruni.

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