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The Division 2: Ubisoft shows the post-launch content of the video on video

The new video diary packaged by the authors of Ubisoft Massive illustrates in detail all the interventions that will be done to expand the digital universe of their next shooter with post-launch contents of the Year 1 by The Division 2.

As explained in these long months of waiting for the release of The Division 2, all the expansions that will be published in the course of 2019 and the first months of 2020 will be absolutely free. With them we will have the opportunity to expand the range of missions, Specializations, weapons and equipment elements for our favorite Agent.

The post-launch program of The Division 2 will follow in the footsteps of that of other Ubisoft titles related to the universe thrilling by Tom Clancy and will be divided into Episodes: in addition to the new Fortress "Tidal Basin" and the Incursion "Operation Dark Hours" both scheduled for release a few weeks after launch of the title, in the coming months we expect three episodes full of additional contents.

The Episode 1 will be released in summer and will bring players to the suburbs of Washington to free the area from the presence of the local bands with two unpublished main missions, a new game mode and original ingame events that will help to improve the free roaming experience.

The Episode 2 inv ece, it will arrive in autumn and will include other main missions focused, this time, on the challenges to be played in the Pentagon government area.

With the Episode 3 expected in winter this year, the guys of Massive Entertainment will close the first chapter of the history of The Division 2 and will open the way to further content that will be published in 2020. Who wants, can buy the Pass of the Year 1 to get early access to these additional content, as well as unlock Advanced Specializations and acquire special aesthetic objects.

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Waiting to find out what the Swedish authors will have in store for us, let's remind interested that Tom Clancy's The Division 2 will arrive on March 15 next on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. From 1 to 4 March it will be possible to explore the area of ​​Washington D.C. participating in the Public Beta phase organized by Ubisoft on all platforms.

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