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The Elder Scrolls Online: Wrathstone, the new DLC waiting for Elsweyr

The Elder Scrolls Online will soon be enriched with the new Elsweyr expansion, the home of the famous Khajiit. Given the vigor with which ZeniMax announced the content, it is easy to deduce that this maxi-expansion (the third after Morrowind and Summerset) will play a central role. In fact Elsweyr marks the return of the dragons, some of the most feared creatures in the universe of The Elder Scrolls to whom a storyline dedicated to the spectacle will be dedicated. Before publishing the expansion in question, however, the developers announced a mini-DLC called Wrathstone which will serve as a prologue to the Elsweyr events. We have had the opportunity to test it for almost an hour in the company of some members of ZeniMax Online. We'll talk about it in more detail in this article.

An ancient artifact

The number of contents added in Wrathstone is rather small, we talk about two dungeons for four players, within each of which will be recovered one of the two parts of an ancient artifact that will play a central role in Elsweyr. However, on the occasion of the publication of these new additions, some elements were also reviewed and added in the basic game, which will be updated via patches.

For example, it is now possible to consult a sort of guide to the different areas of play, which illustrates the number of locations or activities within a region and makes it easier to follow the events dedicated to history. The veterans will not notice almost the presence, and in fact, as specified by the team, it is a feature intended for the most inexperienced, who may approach to The Elder Scrolls Online with Elsweyr. For the most skilled players, the interface of Guild Trader was revised, with new functions that now make it easier to search for objects. After a general introduction, we went to one of the two available dungeons: opted for Frostvault, an ancient Dwemer ruin set in the mountains of the Eastmarch, leaving aside the interesting Depths pf Malatar which is located in the Gold Coast. In Frostvault we came across groups of heterogeneous enemies: goblin, Atronach of frost and ancient dwarven machinery returned to function. The developers have assured us that the factions that meet in the dungeon are not allies, and it is therefore possible to watch fierce fighting in which, if we want, we can intrude. Not having much time available we moved quickly and downed the threats without too much difficulty: it must be said however that we have faced everything with a team of experts and a character of the highest level (in the PTR), it is therefore possible that players less able and without a close-knit group can have more difficulties. For fans to the challenges, however, the level of veteran difficulty has been thought of that also guarantees exclusive rewards.

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In the " run " at the normal level there were, in any case, a couple of occasions in which the difficulty arose suddenly. Especially during the different bossfights, which then lead us to a more complex final battle. The boss design turned out to be rather shrewd, and on one occasion when the arena was filled with self-propelled lasers, it was necessary to adopt precise strategies and follow the indications of the team leader.

Another bossfight, on the other hand, envisaged a fight with a sorcerer accompanied by a huge elemental of frost. In this case it was necessary for the tank to take care of distracting the ice giant, while the rest of the team attacked the caster, trying to be careful to avoid his insidious area shots. If the team is not coordinated and close-knit, the normal level can also be challenging. What the development team pointed out to us is the care and consistency with which the entire dungeon was built.

Passages alternate with the presence of dwarf constructions and frozen corridors in which the simple goblin villages have been placed. There are also some very curious details, like some bronze plates on the wall that "talk" to us about the artifact we are about to recover, telling how that huge fortress guarded by eternal metal automats is hiding something extremely dangerous. The attention in detail is therefore always present, we had also struck in Summerset and Murkmire and even here, although it is a very small DLC in ambitions, we can note simply by moving in the game environments. Unfortunately, the old age of the graphic engine and a style not always spot on (especially if compared to that of the canonical titles of the series) do not return an impeccable image. But it is a minor problem on which it is easy to pass on.

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If anything that makes it uninteresting Wrathstone net of the merits demonstrated by the dungeon that we played, is its extreme option with reference to the events narrated in Elsweyr . We have asked developers how much of this DLC we will find in the new expansion and have told us that if the player has completed both dungeons will be made clear references, otherwise it will be told that someone else has collected and put together the two pieces of the artifact. A choice that was made to not preclude anyone from the full enjoyment of the storyline of Elsweyr but that transforms Wrathstone into a content specifically dedicated to the most passionate players of Elder Scrolls Online .

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