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The Fortnite Carbon skin free with PlayStation Plus, here's how to get it

Good news for subscribers to the PlayStation Plus service, who can now download the new skin and the Carbon backing on Fortnite for free, as was the case for other small packages of the much followed Epic Games Battle Royale.

If you have a subscription for Sony then, you can have access to two new items: not much for a "Starter Pack" but hey, it's still free. In fact, V-Bucks was not included this time inside, nor other special objects.

This is the Carbon Commando outfit which had already been anticipated by some leaks of the usual data miners after the update 8.10 of Fortnite, and of the relative back bling, that will soon be available in all countries (if you do not find them at this time, they will be inserted soon).

For download the pack, the simplest method is obviously to search the Fortnite page on the store directly from your console and select the object, we remember available exclusively for the holders of a subscription to the service PlayStation Plus . Alternatively, you can also search your browser.

The new objects in question can be viewed at the bottom of the news and we remind you, as usual, that they only make aesthetic changes to your character, and do not therefore offer no competitive advantage . To further customize your character, you can also take a look at the items in today's Fortnite shop. What do you think? Will you take advantage of this?

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