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The future of the videogame market according to Tim Sweeney, leader of Epic Games

During a recent interview, Tim Sweeney the leader of Epic Games authors of the famous Fortnite but in the past also authors of the saga of Gears of War and creators of the stra-utilized Unreal Engine has exposed his personal vision of the current and future panorama of the videogame industry.

From the overflowing success of Fortnite, passing for the opening of the already controversial Epic Games Store and the sudden arrival on the scene of the competitor Apex Legends, Tim Sweeney has freely disqualified the most "hot" topics of the moment, the slow decay of the business based on retail and possible market prospects that could open up from now to a few years

"I think the gaming business will change more in the next five years than it did in the last ten . last ves tigia of the old model based on retail are now disappearing, and the biggest hits are embodied by dynamic indies and big competitors: two examples are Fortnite and Apex Legends . All old decisions must be re-evaluated.

We built the technology [of Epic Games Store ] long before relying on a business model that could support it. Fortnite has accelerated everything allowing us to successfully launch the store and its economy based on the proportion 88-12% of the profits obtained.

We have worked to ensure that it is convenient for developers to land on our store. We are giving developers and publishers the model that we ourselves have always wanted as a software house ".

Referring finally to the report competition that came to create between Epic Games Store and Steam Sweeney also added:

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"There is no hope of overthrowing a dominant store simply by adding marginal features or providing a subtle better installation experience. These battles are won based on the offer of games, prices for consumers, and division of turnover with developers ".

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