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The Judgment producer will continue to fight to defend his game

At the beginning of the week we gave you the news of the arrest of Pierre Taki, Japanese actor and dubber stopped at an airport check and surprised with some grams of cocaine. A move that prompted SEGA to take action Taki was in fact one of the faces of Judgment, new game by Studio Yakuza.

Judgment has been available in Japan since last December, SEGA has announced the interruption of sale of digital copies and collection of all physical copies from stores, pending clarification of the position of the actor. The arrest of Taki also had repercussions on the Western version of Judgment expected for June 25, although at the moment the publisher is trying to figure out how to do it.

To take a clear position it was however Daisuke Sato producer of the game, which on Twitter stated the following: " will not allow my game to be treated as if it had never existed ", referring to the behavior of the publisher and declaring himself sorry seeing the work of hundreds of people frustrated due to the error of a cast member.

The arrest of Pierre Taki also forced Disney and Square Enix to take action: Olaf of Kingdom Hearts III, dubbed by Taki, will enjoy a new voice and the re-dubbing of his sequences is already in progress.

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