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The life cycle of Nintendo Switch could last seven years

The first two years of Nintendo Switch have been studded with successes: the console has been much appreciated by the public and critics, has sold well and has raised the fate of the brand after the lackluster period of the never too beloved Wii U .

The third year of the console's life will probably be the most important one for the overall judgment on the hybrid machine of Nintendo . Although the company had to lower the target from 20 to 17 million units sold ( Shuntaro Furukawa spoke of insufficient efforts to make the console appealing to new customers, but many think that the 20 million was an ambitious goal), some believe that the numbers of the console are destined to go up

Let's talk about Atsushi Hosokawa, of Media Create who stated in a recent interview with Bloomberg that the numbers of Switch will continue to grow in its third year of life and that the peak therefore will have its own during the fiscal year that will open in April 2019. Analysts are still a bit 'divided about , the answer on who will have been right we will surely have it in the months to come.

Hosokawa has also talked about the life span of Switch, and expects the life cycle of the console will be about seven years, which would mean that Ni ntendo will support its own machine until 2024, and then concentrate on new hardware as per tradition.

What do you think? Is this an estimate that you share?

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