The new Anthem patch increases the frequency of Mythical and Legendary objects


After the protest of players dissatisfied with the management of the Anthem loot, BioWare published a new patch that significantly modifies this aspect of production.

This is an update applied directly on the game servers and therefore does not require players to download additional data. First of all, the Canadian company has increased the frequency of obtaining the Mythical and Legendary objects to the difficulty levels Grand Master 2 and Grand Master 3 . In this way, players will have more incentive to tackle missions at the most difficult levels.

In addition to that, it was also increased the drop rate of Mythic and Legendary items for all the strongest enemies . Included in this category are the legendary Ancient Ashes Titan, the Ancient Elite Titan of Ashes, the legendary Fury, the legendary Ursix and the legendary Luminary.

The changes described above are already active on all platforms, namely PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and PC. If you play on this platform and you are a subscriber to Origin Access, know that you have until March 31 to receive an exclusive decal for gifts as a gift.