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The new Division 2 patch is online and fixes several bugs in the game

The Division 2 received a new update after about three hours of maintenance required for the solution of some problems. The patch is already available for all platforms its download weighs a little less than 1 GB and has solved some drawbacks, including the Castle bug.

In some cases players could reach it earlier than expected, which could have blocked the progression of the game. Fortunately, this has been resolved, along with a series of bug fixes that will certainly improve the gaming experience. Also the amount of XP gained was corrected and now it adjusts better to the level of the player.

A weapon that had a wrong name and balance was removed, the sound of some weapons was corrected exotic and improved the behavior of NPCs in different situations, including the launch of a grenade. Corrections have also been made for some missions, such as that of Beekeper Jeff and that set in Jefferson Plaza.

For the complete list of changes made, we refer you to the official Ubisoft patch notes.

To learn more about the game instead we suggest you give a reading to our last preview of The Division 2, while if you wanted to anticipate it, here are some tips on how to level up quickly in The Division 2.

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