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The plans of Riot Games with its new champions – Free Games Apk

Pantheon will also have a rework soon. / Riot Games

The creators of League of Legends yesterday released an update of their road map in the hands of Reav3. In the post, Rian "Reav3" Mireles, head of content, refers to future changes in champions and future updates . There are also touches about the new champion, which will not take long to see in depth.

We will not see more touches after Mordekaiser

In Riot Games point out that, since last year, they have focused a lot on updating outdated champions . Currently, they consider that the number of champions who need big changes are scarce . Remember that they have changed to Urgot, Nunu, Swain, Kayle … However, they will not leave the updates aside, since there are characters to review, but they will do it at another rate .

Stay tuned to the official publications, because also have announced that soon there will be a popular vote . For what? To decide which champion they put hand in front of 2020 .

The plan for Mordekaiser and the touches to Pantheon

From Riot comment that Mordekaiser is at a very advanced stage. It is a total update of the champion. Therefore, certain abilities have changed, but without losing sight of the character's style. Also, want to maintain their essence, their hallmark as a colossus of power of ability . Special mention to its definitive, which has been replaced to "instill terror and true respect in the hearts of its enemies."

On the other hand, the changes for the Sparta warrior are milder. They do not want to touch the axis of your kit. They want to preserve their aggressive nature but also want to give alternatives . In addition, they want to reinforce the importance of the shield (which carries with its lance) in the abilities.

New characters that we will see in League Of Legends

The new legend that will be appear in the Cries of the Summoner will be a murderer . This character will be oriented to the individual lines . "If you dare to enter their domains, be careful: stay away from the walls and remember that, deep in the jungle, there is no safe place."

Finally, commented on the idea of ​​taking out a revolutionary shooter for end of year . "A very unconventional shooter." With what they will surprise us?

 Teaser of the new champion of League of Legends
First clues about the new champion / Riot Games

The plans of Riot Games with their new champions

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