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The pro players abandon Blackout in favor of Apex Legends: that's why

Members of the Team Liquid announced that they had abandoned the competitive scene of Blackout a battle royale component of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The team composed of Tanner ' Rogue 'Trebb, Gage' Caliburn 'Meyer, Thomas' Flanker' Cook and Brendan 'Casper' Marino will then shift all his attention to Apex Legends .

For the occasion, he will also launch the initiative Proving Grouds through which new players will be put to the test intending to enter the ranks of Team Liquid. Why did such an important team decide to abandon such a famous title for a newcomer? The reason is very simple, and is due to the poor support provided by Treyarch and Activision for their creature, as opposed to the considerable attention that is instead reserving Respawn Entertainment to Apex Legends

The team statement reads: "There is no interest from developers [Treyarch, ndr] for organizing eSports events for Blackouts, mainly dealt with by third parties, who do everything themselves to support the scene.The developers never said anything, they never showed interest, so when Apex Legends came out, and Respawn expressed willingness to support the eSport scene, most competitive players Blackout has made the change. "

The transition to competition has also been facilitated by the fact that Blackout still does not work perfectly on the PC, which it focuses on the competitive scene: "It does not even help that Blackout does not work well on PC. Call of Duty has never been a great game on the PC, actually. After Big Red One [il secondo capitolo, ndr] became a title mainly addressed to consoles ".

Respawn Entertainment for its part, is working hard to fight the scourge of cheaters, a war necessary for a title that aspires to say its in the competitive scene.There are 355,000 banned cheaters on PC since the game was launched, and soon a new in-game PC reporting system will be introduced, in direct communication with the software Easy Anti-Cheat.

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