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The PS5 Price? Peter Rubin shares further comments from Mark Cerny

During the day today, Tuesday 16 April, Sony decided to share the first information on Playstation 5 with the public. In fact, on the famous Wired magazine a rich interview appeared at Mark Cenry lead system architect for the new console.

Inside, some relevant information about the future flagship of Sony home. Among these, confirmation that Playstation 5 will be backward compatible with Playstation 4 games and that its debut on the gaming market is not expected in 2019. Rather surprisingly, Cerny even shared the first information on Playstation 5 technical specifications. [19659003] Following the publication of this information, the Videoludic Community began to question the possible launch price of the new console giving way to a large list of speculations and reflections on the matter. In response, the author of the piece that appeared in Wired, Peter Rubin decided to share some additional details on the subject via his official Twitter account. As you can see in the tweets available at the bottom of the news, the journalist has in fact published some more short excerpts from the transcript of the interview with Cerny .

From these it emerges that, questioned by Rubin on the selling price of PS5 in relation to a traditional " general launch price range" Cerny gave the following answer: " I think we will be able to publish it at an SRP [suggestedretailprice – suggested retail price] which will be eye-catching for players in light of its advanced feature set ". To the question "It means that it could cost a little more but for what you get it will be worth it? ", Cerny replied: " It's all I can say about it" .

On this front, therefore, Sony does not yet seem willing to show all their cards. Moreover, as already mentioned, Playstation 5 will not debut this year and therefore there will be ample time to share this type of information on the new console. Pending further investigation, we inform you that on the pages of Everyeye a special video dedicated to Playstation 5 is available, in which we have gathered all the latest news on the next-gen console .

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