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The Throne of Swords: all video games from Game of Thrones in a video

The eighth season of the Throne of Swords is almost upon us and will mark the culmination of a series that, in recent years, has been able to attract the attention of millions of enthusiasts, assuming the scope of a true phenomenon from the beginning World

Waiting to know the fate of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and all the seven kingdoms, we decided to travel back in time, to tell you about every single video game based on the mythology of George RR Martin .

We will then return to the past, to the time of the ancient gods, to reach the most modern productions. The struggle for the conquest of the Game of Thrones staged by the protagonists of the now historic HBO TV series, on the other hand, has generated so many video games.

Some of these projects have received public and critical acclaim, while others have failures are revealed: among simple tie-ins and more complex productions the range of games set in the Game of Thrones fantasy universe is particularly wide and covers different genres for an audience extremely heterogeneous.

In our Special Video Gabriele Carollo and Luca De Pauli are therefore shuttling between Westeros and Essos to retrace the long journey that has accompanied the lovers of video games eager to reconcile their passion for digital entertainment with that for the Throne of Swords series.

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