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The Tuesday interview: Alejandro "Carbono" González – Free Games Apk

 Interview with Carbono, player of S2V.

Alejandro "Carbono" González is a League of Legends player for S2V in the Superliga Orange . At 23, the jungle is a very experienced player and with a long history. To his credit he has several titles, such as a Final Cup achieved in 2015 and two ESL Masters among others. Carbon has gone through a large number of teams in Spain and is currently one of the most outstanding jungles of the competition.

"I think the Superliga orange is the strongest league in Europe"

Carbon, a professional League of Legends:

Miguel Galante – Good afternoon and welcome. The first questions will be more personal. How is the day to day of an SLO professional during the season?

Carbon – During the split my day to day is based on getting up early in the morning, doing something of exercise, breakfast and, from there, start play until two or three in the afternoon . There is a break to eat. After lunch, until eight o'clock, you train with the team and, once you finish, or play some more time or dinner directly.

What can we expect from Carbon in the Summer split? What are your aspirations?

The aspirations of the team are to be the first . Give everything and train as much as possible to get it.

Of the rest of jungles of the Superliga Orange, which is the one that catches your attention and why?

Sincerely, I think that this season the level of the jungle has been quite low . I have not seen anyone stand out, I would not have any .

 Carbon course Gamestry
Carbon teaches an online course to help improve your jungle skills.

We have seen that you impart a Course in Gamestry, how was the experience? What do you think about the web?

Regarding the course, at the beginning it cost me a lot to record it. But I am very happy because is a fairly complete guide for players of all levels . I think that, from bronze to diamond, it can be useful.

S2V, by all in the summer split :

I understand that S2V has not fulfilled the expectations that you had at the beginning of season, what do you think you have to change?

At first we started very strong . Honestly, I would have put my hands on the fire that would finish in the top three of the league . The problem we had is that he got a ban to DuaLL which ended up leaving the team; there is already a change of support that makes us adapt to the new player. We also had the bad luck that another ban falls to Pepi and that also affects a lot, given that it is a fundamental piece for the team. In addition to everything, Nandisko had some games in which he was not in his best individual version. That, among other factors, because it makes the team level suddenly go down.

Are movements expected in the squad for the summer split ?

Honestly, I do not have idea . We do not know exactly what will happen.

The team has been "reborn" under a new name after ASUS decided to focus on the content creators. How has this change in the club been experienced from within?

Everything is the same really. I have not noticed any change for good or bad.

 Pepii, Carbono and Nandisko, S2V players
S2V bet on Spanish players for their League of Legends team

You are the only team in the SLO with a quintet formed entirely by Spanish players. Do you think that the organization is trying to support the "national product"?

I think is trying to support Spanish players and that seems pretty good because we have a very good level here.

seen that the team will change the system of g aming house to the apartments and offices. Do you think this method is a big step forward in the sector?

We are waiting to change. It seems to me that being in a g aming house makes the team worse . Let me explain: You are in a place where you have to work and rest at the same time and in the end this situation supposes that you do not get either of the two things at 100% . In addition, the theme of g aming house also assumes many times that you have to share a room and that affects privacy . The change to the office system solves all that.

The competitive League of Legends:

Many LEC academies have gotten into the regional leagues. Do you think this can negatively affect national teams?

The theme of the academies benefits the regional leagues . The only downside I would see is that clubs do not give them enough support so that players can make the jump to LEC.

In 2019, the LoL has surpassed all the audience records in Spain. Do you think that the sector still has room for growth?

I believe that will continue to rise . There are still many people who do not know the sector and I believe that the time will come when there will be many more people who know this world; players, teams, etc.

After the last patches (9.7), which ones do you think? the strongest champions in the jungle?

I think that for SoloQ the most important are characters that immobilize the opponent from level 3 like Xin Zhao, Jarvan or Rek'Sai ] to have controlled the game from the beginning.

Do you still LEC? What do you think of the strongest jungle in the competition?

The truth is that I do not follow the LEC unless something very special is done that interests me a lot.

Do you think the SLO is the strongest regional league in Europe?

Honestly yes, I think the SLO is the strongest league in Europe . In fact, I've seen some EU Masters Play-In games above and it seemed to me that there was more level in the SLO season.

Final questions:

Besides the LoL, do you play any other video game? ?

I'm playing practically at all the new games that come out but in the end I end up getting tired after two or three days.

Beyond Video games, what other hobbies do you have?

I really like the world of the automotive, cars and engines . My day to day is to go to the gym, go out for a while to disconnect, be with my girlfriend … But knowing that you always have to be throwing a few hours of vice to maintain the level.

The interview on Tuesdays: Alejandro "Carbon" González

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