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Titanfall Titans prepare to land in Apex Legends?

The Battle Royale free of House Respawn Entertainment has created a wide and active Gaming Community around it. It is therefore not surprising that so many dataminers are devoting themselves to the analysis of the Title, to try to anticipate the next developments.

Numerous rumors had already spread over the last few weeks, so much so that even the Software House itself was pushed to release some statements related to Season 1 of Apex Legends. On that occasion Respawn Entertainment pointed out that the presence of references to certain content within the game code should not be considered indicative of their future introduction into the Battle Royale.

These words however, they do not seem to have discouraged the activity of the dataminers or the speculations of the Community. In particular, hypotheses have recently come back into vogue according to which Apex Legends will see in the future landed inside Titan giant absolute Robots protagonists of the Titanfall shooter and in its sequel, Titanfall 2. The Battle Royale is in effects set within the same narrative universe as Respawn's FPS series, but it does not host these colossal machines. To push part of the Community to believe the hypothesis of their future introduction in Apex Legends now emerge some audio files identified by the dataminers . In fact, the latter would see some of the characters in the title make references to the Titans.

As usual when we talk about rumor or leak, we remind Lettori and Lettrici that it is unofficial information and not confirmed. Therefore, in order to have reliable information on this we can only wait for any updates from Respawn. Hypothetically, however, would you like to see the Titans introduced into the Game?

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