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To The Moon will arrive on Nintendo Switch during l

X.D. Network announced that To The Moon (developed by Freebird Games ) will arrive on Nintendo Switch via eShop during the summer. This version will present an improved technical division entirely redesigned with the Unity engine …

" Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts do a special job: giving their patients the opportunity to relive their life from the 'beginning … but only in their minds, because of the irreversibility of the operation, this new life will become the last thing that patients will remember before exhaling their last breath.This is why the operation is performed only on people who are on their deathbeds to allow them to fulfill what they have always dreamed of and never achieved.

This particular story tells of the attempt to fulfill the dream of a very old man named Johnny. in his memories, new fragments of his past are revealed.
When the two doctors reassemble the course of the events of a lifetime, they will have to try to understand why that man so fragile ab bia chosen that very desire there. Johnny's last wish is, of course … go to the moon! "

To The Moon, launched in 2011 on PC, is preparing to see its first ever porting on console, opening the trailer for the version for Nintendo Switch the exact release date has not yet been made known, as well as the price.

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