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Twitch Prime: Snake Pass and The King

The digital catalog of videogames downloadable for free by users subscribed to Twitch Prime expands with the entry of four interesting titles from the independent scene.

From here to next 31 March in fact, subscribers to Amazon Prime and, consequently, to Twitch Prime will be able to download at no additional cost the PC versions of Snake Pass, Star Vikings Forever, The King's Bird and Kabounce.

Without taking anything away from other projects that will fall into the initiative until the end of the month, the highlight of the March offer of subscribers to Twitch Prime is undoubtedly represented by Snake Pass, the smart puzzle-platform made by Sumo Digital drawing inspiration from masterpieces like Banjo Kazooie and succeeded, in just under two years, to win the hearts of millions of fans thanks to an original game system based on the body s civilization of a snake.

Lovers of the adventurous adventures of metroidvania elements will be happy to find in the March list of free games for Twitch Prime members the indie jewels The King's Bird and Kabounce together with the puzzle "old school" Star Vikings Forever .

Waiting to know your opinion about the video games proposed in March by Amazon for Twitch Prime users, remember to those who follow us that that subscribers to Amazon Prime can subscribe free to the Twitch channel of Everyeye.it and have access to exclusive content and the editorial channel Telegram, with backstage, exclusive videos, images and audio content.

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