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Two Years of Horizon Zero Dawn: The Team shares Funny Developmental Backgrounds

On 28 February 2019, Horizon Zero Dawn celebrates its second anniversary, celebrating the milestone of around ten million copies sold worldwide.

To celebrate these important achievements, the Horizon Development Team: Zero Dawn has decided to share with the public some nice anecdotes related to the period of realization of the Game, destined to obtain a warm welcome by both the public and the specialized press.

Dai "behind the scenes" told by the team we learn of some problems related to the realization of the protagonist Aloy . At the time when Guerrilla was preparing to work on Horizon: Zero Dawn, the Software House was completing the production of Killzone 3. In the initial stages of development the team had not yet developed an in-game model for Aloy, which was therefore temporarily replaced with that of a Pilot of the Intruder ! It also seems that the team could not find a face suitable for the protagonist, at least until the Conversation Director of the Team was not forced home by a strong influence. During the days of rest, in fact, the latter had the opportunity to see on TV a film in which appeared the Dutch actress Hannah Hoekstra !

Background unexpected even with regard to the in-game audio . The team has indeed revealed that the game scenes in which we see Aloy newborn have been "dubbed" by the three-month-old daughter of the Music Supervisor of Guerrilla. Finally, it seems that the sounds of each of the machines in the game are produced by mixing various animal verses. A detail? In the "voice" of the Sentinelle we can find, among others, the barking of a Chihuahua !

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