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Ubisoft, record results in the fiscal year 2018/2019; 3 new AAAs by March 2020

Ubisoft announced the financial results for the fiscal year 2018/2019 : the French company has many reasons to rejoice, since the gains are record-breaking and have proved to be perfectly in line with the objectives set by the same company 3 years ago

The digital segment and catalog games performed even better than expected, confirming their importance in the sector. Live services and continuously developing games are experiencing a moment of grace, reaching an increasingly wider audience. Ubisoft has also shown itself enormously satisfied by the growth of some very specific markets, such as the PC market (revenue up 79% compared to the previous year), mobile (+ 73%) and Asia (+ 62%). To date, the French company can boast 100 million players scattered across all its titles currently on the market, a new record for the company.

During fiscal year 2018/2019, Ubisoft registered net profits of € 2,029 million up 17% on the previous year. 69% of the total, amounting to € 1,397 million, was generated by purchases in digital format, which increased by 39%. Excellent performances also for the catalog titles, which generated profits of 1,147 million euros (57% of the total), also up 39% compared to the previous year. To date, Ubisoft has a liquidity of 310 million euros.

Sales of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 on consoles turned out to be " just below ambitious expectations" probably due to the high competition in the sector. Ubisoft, in any case, is very optimistic about future growth. On PC, on the other hand, the predictions were respected, with sales on Uplay up 10 times compared to the first chapter. Far Cry 5 officially became the best-selling Ubisoft game of the current console generation. For Honor has exceeded 20 million players, while Rainbow Six Siege has just completed its third consecutive year of growth. Sales of Assassin's Creed Odyssey proved to be consistent even in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year (January to March 2020), showing a better hold than Assassin's Creed Origins. Thanks to the substantial post-launch support. Skull & Bones has been postponed to 2020, and E3 2019 will also be suspended.

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For the future the company expects even better results, or net profits of 2.185 million euros, the 60 % of which come from the digital market. Furthermore, Ubisoft's goal is to publish at least 3 triple AAA titles not yet announced in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, or in the period between January and March 2020.

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