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Vampire The Masquerade: l

The fictional application of dating "Tender", launched by Paradox at the beginning of February and immediately revealed an ARG linked to Vampire The Masquerade, received a new update that further fuels the rumors related to the announcement of a new videogame taken from this iconic adventure horror series.

Who has ventured into the fake "twin soul algorithm" of the ARG Tender app has in fact unlocked sketches of a dark urban setting that refers to the scenario of Bloodlines and, more recently, clips showing Santa Monica Pier (one of the key positions of Bloodlines himself) and the Tender app manager who invites us to "be ready for the great gathering of members that will take place on March 21 in San Francisco "coinciding with the next edition of the Game Developers Conference.

As if this were not enough, the Tender app also offers some fint memos or CEO Malcolm Chandler, who is also the name of the author of one of the books connected to the series (Vampire Brides of Planet Hell): in Chandler's memo we can find many references to the horror dimension of vampires, such as "Succubus", "Regent "o" Cacciatore ".

Appointment to the next March 21 then, to find out if the evidence left by Paradox will lead or not to the awaited announcement of a new chapter in the dark saga of Vampire The Masquerade during the GDC of San Francisco.

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