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Void Bastards: BioShock-inspired shooter comes out in late May on PC and Xbox One

Blue Manchu, the development company founded by Jonathan Chey and former members of Irrational Games, set Void Bastards' PC and Xbox One launch date on May 29th. To celebrate the announcement, the Chey team packs a trailer full of unreleased game scenes.

From the day of marketing, the project will be available on both Steam and the Humble Bundle and will be accessible for free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Xbox One, thanks to the partnership signed by Blue Manchu with Microsoft and their entry in the ID @ Xbox program .

Announced during the X018 Fan Fest in Mexico City, Void Bastards draws inspiration from experience gained by the authors of BioShock and System Shock 2 to bring the enthusiasts into the role of a handful of adventurers who, having fallen into the trap of a line of alien creatures, will have to find a escape from a spaceship full of traps, robotic murderers and anything else that can come to your mind when you think of Bioshock, the horrors of Rapture and the dangers of the floating city of Columbia.

According to information shared by the developers, the main campaign of Void Bastards will last from 12 to 15 hours and will give users the opportunity to freely explore the scenario and to study each time the best approach to take to get the better on enemies of turn. On these pages you will find a special on Void Bastards signed by Giuseppe Carrabba, with several points for reflection on the project of the former Irrational Games and on their vision shooter veined ruolistic elements and strategic.

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