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Warframe celebrates its sixth anniversary and offers ingame skins and items

Warframe, the ambitious action-oriented sci-fi from Digital Extremes, is about to reach 50 million registered users, a milestone that coincides individually with sixth anniversary since the launch of this project that, since then, has not ever stopped evolving thanks to the constant support of its authors.

To celebrate the great event together with its fans, Canadian developers invite all Tenno to connect on March 27 for receive the new skin Liset Dex and the Noggle Excalibur Dex as a gift . Until April 10th the Anniversary Alerts will be active, of the ingame activities to be performed to acquire all the previous objects of the Dex series.

The complete list of the elements of equipment and aesthetic objects to be unblocked during the Anniversary Alerts will include Dex Furis, Syandana Dex Nouchali, Dex Dakra, Dex Sybaris and the exclusive skin Excalibur Dex.

From now until March 31st, moreover, the most assiduous Warframe players will be able to get a discount of 15% on official merchandise and obtain access to Mesa Prime package through the indications provided by Digital Extremes on the pages of the official website of their Game as a Service project which, during 2019, will receive new stories , additional characters, modes and features on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the recent Nintendo Switch port.

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